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Huawei Starts Shipping Its Stunning New Smartwatch

Photo source: Huawei

Huawei’s highly anticipated smartwatch, which does more to combine true style and functionality than most of its competitors, is finally available stateside. As of September 17, the watch has begun shipping in the U.S.

Photo source: Huawei

Huawei has put serious elbow grease into making its timepiece not just technologically advanced, but also incredibly attractive. Available in six styles, the Swiss-inspired device emulates a traditional watch design, with a round, high-definition face, thin profile and leather or stainless-steel straps. One particularly fetching iteration depicts several circles, along with a man-in-the-moon graphic, against a sapphire-blue background. Another contrasts a black leather strap with gold casing and bezels, along with a black face. For something more understated, yet elegant, there is also an all-black number.

Among other functions, the Huawei watch comes with a heat-rate monitor and an activity tracker. The activity tracker can discern whether the user is walking, running or climbing. Wearers can also employ the watch to check texts, calls, emails and instant messages, access a number of apps and Google Now, as well as control music playing on their smartphones.

Photo source: Huawei

Although the device is based on an Android platform, it is compatible with iOS devices. The battery lasts for approximately one and a half days, and charges on a specially made magnetic docking station. The station comes with a fixed cable, so the user would need to carry it along if he or she wants to charge the watch on the go.

Pricing for the watch ranges from $349 to $799, depending on the style.

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