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OURA Sleep-Tracking Ring Keeps Tired Eyes At Bay

Photo source: Kickstarter

Tired eyes don’t make for great style. Now, there’s a wearable for that—the new OURA ring sleep and fitness monitor. It gauges sleep habits for a better night’s rest—and a hotter daytime look.

Worn around the finger, the ring measures nocturnal heart rate, respiration, body temperature and movement to create a personalized sleep picture. It employs these stats to a generate a percentage indicating whether users should charge into the day’s activities full throttle, or take things a little slower. Over time, then, it can help them develop better sleep habits. The device also tracks steps, calories burned and activity level, and can set daily fitness goals.

Photo source: Kickstarter

The OURA ring is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and can run for three days before its batteries need recharging. For more information, see the full article here.

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