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New Misfit Speedo Shine Tracks Stats for Swimmers

Photo source: Misfit

Misfit has joined forces with Speedo to make the Speedo Shine, a swimmer’s version of the Misfit Shine fitness wearable. With its sleek design and pale-silver color, the device discreetly complements any outfit, in or out of the water.

A shot of the Speedo Shine’s phone app. Photo source: Misfit

Similar to the Misfit Shine, the Speedo Shine gauges steps and distance walked, calories and sleep, while also offering tracking of running, cycling and other activities. Developed in Speedo’s U.K. Aqualab, it also pinpoints the stats on a swimmer’s lap count and swim distance, for all stroke types.

Photo source: Misfit

As with the Speedo Shine, it’s waterproof to 50m, and lasts for six months before its battery needs a recharge. Users can access most of the regular fitness-tracking functions via the Misfit app, and the swimming features through a new Speedo Fit app. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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