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Moov Wearable Teaches Runners To Up Their Game

Photo source: Moov

Running is an excellent way to shape up for a fashionable wardrobe, which is why body-conscious consumers will embrace the Moov Run & Walk wearable. The device, worn on the wrist or ankle, trains the body to run or walk correctly, improving efficiency, form and endurance.

Moov employs sensors to track such parameters as landing impact, stride and range of motion, allowing it to gauge how the wearer is moving. It offers audio feedback via headphones, letting him know, for example, to correct his form, or if his speed is dropping. It moves him slowly through different levels of intensity, taking things up a notch as he builds more stamina. Users must pair the device with an Android or iOS smartphone app to access the sensor data, activity reports and other features. Moov offers a choice of four fitness programs, depending on a person’s goals, including one for walking, running efficiency, sprinting and endurance.

Photo source: Moov

In addition to Moov Run & Walk, Moov apps for other types of physical activities are available. These include apps for swimming, cardio boxing, cycling and a short workout.

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