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Heating and Cooling Bracelet Wristify Garners Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award

Photo source: Biz Journals

Embr Labs’ Wristify, a stylish new bracelet that cools and heats its wearer’s skin, has garnered a Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award, a grant that will help fund the wearable’s production.

A newer iteration of the Wristify. Photo source: Biz Journals

Depending on the wearer’s thermal set point, the bauble sends hot or cold pulses to the skin, activating thermoreceptors on its surface. This changes the person’s perception of hot or cold in a room, making, for example, the Arctic chill of a blasting air conditioner at the local Starbucks a far more comfortable experience. Embr Labs expects the black bracelet, crowned by a gold-colored gem in the middle, to go to market in 2016.

Proto Labs, a fast-turnaround manufacturer of custom prototypes and low-volume production parts for industrial applications, selected Wristify for the award due to its potential for viability and success in the wearables market. For more information, see the full article here.

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