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With MOTA DOI SmartRing, No Phone Needed To Stay Connected

Photo source: Mota

With the MOTA DOI SmartRing, men and women on the go have a chic new option for staying connected to their busy social networks, without the constant disruption of smart phone notifications.

Photo source: Mota

Instead of vibrating or making other sounds, the e-ring - available in either midnight black or pearl white - can display notifications in bright blue icons against the background of a black screen. Users can scroll through the icons to view alerts to text messages, incoming calls and social-media updates, along with reminders about important meetings and events. A VIP feature also lets the wearer choose who gets through and who doesn’t. The ring is programmable via an accompanying app, compatible with Android and iOS smart phones.

The MOTA DOI SmartRing is now available for pre-order.

For more information, see the full article here.


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