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Runtastic Proffers Multiple Looks For Moment Smartwatch

Photo source: Runtastic

Rather than lock wearers into a single look that doesn’t gel with their personal style, Runtastic is making its new Moment smartwatch available in four different designs. This way, users can pick the one that suits them best, leveraging the timepiece’s fitness-tracking capabilities to boot.

Photo source: Runtastic

Available in raspberry, plum, sand and indigo, Moment Fun expresses a certain playful exuberance, calling to mind 1980s-era Swatch watches. The Moment Basic, meanwhile, comes in black and sand tones, for a more neutral look. For a more minimalist, understated feel, wearers can select Moment Classic, available in silver, gold and rose gold. Those seeking a bit of luxury can sample Moment Elite, which comes in black and, like the Moment Classic, features a genuine leather strap.

A shot of the Runtastic Fun. Photo source: Runtastic

With a classic analog face, Moment doesn’t appear to be a smartwatch. It boasts several decidedly digital features, however, including a fitness tracker that pinpoints steps, distance and calories burned, along with exercise goals. It can also let the wearer know how many hours he spends in light versus deep slumber—critical factors in overall health. The tracking functions work with the companion Runtastic Me app, compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Moment can hold up to seven days’ worth of stats.

The Runtastic Basic goes well with many options. Photo source: Runtastic

Each Moment smartwatch is encased in stainless steel, with scratch-resistant glass. Capable of withstanding submersion in up to 300 feet of water, it can be worn in the shower or while swimming. With six months of battery life, there is no need for daily charging. Those who wish to change up the look further can fit the piece to any 22-mm watchband, as well.

Photo source: Runtastic

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