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The Eyecatcher – Fusion of Art, Fashion and Tech

Photo source: Kickstarter

LookSee Labs, a startup company with headquarters located in Oakland, California, attempts to combine high tech functionality with an element of fashion. The Eyecatcher is currently launched in a campaign at Kickstarter, and has already raised almost $56,000 out of a $75,000 goal. It is a unique wearable device that offers a smart and large display, as well as a battery life that lasts one year without recharge. Kickstarter describes the “Eyecatcher” as a “smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.”

While the Eyecatcher has been tailored for both men and women, the bracelet undoubtedly caters more to the fashion-conscious female consumer. Available in various sizes (S, M or L), there are also three design options to choose from: stainless steel, white bronze and solid sterling silver. The band display’s no buttons, and instead depends on an iOS app for navigation. After establishing a successful connection, users can start choosing an image to display and can download their choice onto the bracelet. While users can choose pre-set patterns existing in the wearable, they have the option to upload their own photo or display pattern.

Photo source: Kickstarter

As for the battery, the band features a 100mAh micro USB rechargeable battery, which is powerful enough to allow the user to download and update the display over 8,000 times. Other noteworthy features include Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to iPhone, built in memory to support image slideshows (12 images), and water resistance.

The Eyecatcher bracelet is scheduled to ship Feb 2015. For more information, see the full article here.

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