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The Unique Smart Strap Instantly Turns Timepiece to Smartwatch

Photo source: uBirds

Polish startup Ubirds is seeking funding on Kickstarter for their Unique smart strap, a device that lets the consumer turn any watch into a smartwatch. The luxury, hand-made smart strap enables a user to reap the benefits of smartwatch features without relinquishing their beautiful watch. It’s a win-win situation; the user can still retain the classic style of their original watch, while acquiring the functionality of a smartwatch.

According to their Kickstarter webpage, Unique’s discreet multi-colored LED, vibration-alert and gesture recognition features enable one to receive notifications, reject untimely calls, send pre-written texts, monitor levels of fitness, store security and transport passes, and be reminded instantly if one’s phone is left behind. The Unique smart strap connects to iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth, and users can configure the straps functionality through a free app.

Photo source: uBirds

Although the battery life is not outstanding, it’s real strength is that it rivals it’s competition in terms of elegance. Along with pre-made styles, the company customizes the watch strap to the consumer’s liking. This allows tweaking of size, color, stitching, and the design of the strap buckles. The concept lets users design a watch strap that best fits their existing watch.

Photo source: uBirds

Currently, the watch strap retails at $199 and can be purchased at Unique’s official website, where international shipping is available. If the strap reaches it’s funding goal of $50,000, Ubirds aims to deliver the final product in April, 2016.

For more information, see the full article here.

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