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Smart Leggings – Helping Consumers Find the Perfect Fit

Photo source: PSFK

LikeAGlove’s “Smart Leggings” are striving to make online shopping a whole lot easier. The brand’s smart leggings are encrypted with built-in conducive fibers that take a plethora of measurements of the shape and contours of the user’s gams. The measurements are then directed to LikeAGlove’s free app via a Bluetooth controller. The company’s CEO Simon Cooper claims, “LikeAGlove was designed to help customers keep up with their changing figures and ensure they can get the perfect fit each time they need a new pair of jeans.”

Currently retailed at $49.99 for orders from October 16 to December, denim is the only “measurement garment” LikeAGlove is offering. The regular price will be $99.99, and orders placed after December 1st will arrive in Summer 2016.

For more information, see the full article here.

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