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Vring – The Voice-Controlled Smart Ring

Photo source: Digital Trends

Marrying high fashion with high tech innovation, Whynot Tech’s Vring is the “first smart ring to focus on voice control.” Offered as either a ring or a wristband, the wearable is lightweight, waterproof and “instinctively responds to touch and voice.” Available in three colors – silver, dark grey and gold, the device comes with an aluminum frame.

Photo source: Mobile Marketing

Keeping up with 21st century technological advances, Vring directs the users command via Bluetooth to connected devices. It enables the wearer to carry out everyday tasks, such as taking notes, surfing the web, playing music and locating a lost phone through its voice-recognition technology. The device uses Google speech recognition to perform searches; a user can follow a verbal search with words such as “apps”, “images” or “maps” to locate what they desire. The site suggests that the battery life can last up to 2-3 days without recharge, or up to 300 voice commands.

As part of the Super Early Bird support level on Kickstarter, the Vring retails at $109.

For more information, see the full article here.

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