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Gemio – Friendship Jewelry For Teens

Photo source: Gemio

Gemio markets itself as “a social wearable for teens,” and looks to connect real friends in real life. It is the first wearable tailored specifically to the teenage female consumer.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity and a mesh network, users are able to sync their Gemio bands using gestures such as high-fives and handshakes. Once synced, Gemio alerts its wearer to the proximity of her friends via flashing lights and vibrating alerts. The wide array of colors and lighting patterns also represent different messages, which enable the user to send her buddy messages through the connected smartphone app.

Photo source: Wareable

The band is highly customizable and can be modified in three ways: the bracelet, the detachable gems that can be added or removed, and the lighting displays and settings that can be fully adapted on an app called MyGemio. These customizable options allow the user to focus on self-expression while strengthening her network of friends.

Photo source: Gemio

You can sign up for an invitation to pre-order the bracelet on the Gemio website, with pre-order officially opening on November 16th. It is estimated to be priced between $69 and $99.

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