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The Kerv Ring – Purchase With A Wave

Photo source: Kerv

Philip Campbell, founder of London based startup Kerv, has devised a smooth, shiny piece of wearable tech that aims to tap into the growing market for contactless payment. The Kerv Smart Ring is the world’s first contactless payment ring, which allows you to make payments with just a wave.

The Kerv Ring uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to let users make payments up to $46 by simply flashing their ring at shop checkouts and public transport barriers, where the encrypted data stored in the NFC chip will then authorize the transaction. The Kerv Ring’s biggest asset is that it does not need charging, nor does it need to be paired to a smartphone. Once the ring’s on – it’s good to go!

Photo source: Kerv

The chief deterrent in purchasing existing payment devices is their unappealing aesthetic – Kerv rivals its competitors as it’s created an accessory that is simple and sleek. The Ring is made from the same material used to craft ceramic dental crowns, as it does not interfere with the small electromagnetic field that powers the contactless functionality. Available in a range of sizes, the ring is also waterproof, scratch resistant and hypo-allergenic.

Photo source: Kerv

The project is seeking funding through crowdfunding site Kickstarter, raising more than half of its £77,000 target within five days.

For more information, see the full article here.

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