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Chromat Crafts Self-Ventilating Dress And Bra

Photo source: Engadget

Melding form with function, the architectural sportswear designer Chromat has created a prototype bra and dress that relax their fit with climbing body temperature, adrenaline or stress levels. Featuring the Curie wearable module from Intel, the garments—especially the bra—have great potential among women seeking to add a little comfort to their active lifestyles.

Made of Lycra, mesh, neoprene and 3D-printed frames, the Chromat Aeros Sports Bra employs a shape-memory alloy to open vents in the cloth that allow cooling air to flow in when there is a change in the wearer’s perspiration, breathing or body temperature. Once the wearer cools down, it shuts the vents off. Along similar lines, the Chromat Adrenaline Dress expands into a fitted hourglass shape in response to increased adrenaline levels, making it easier to breathe and move around in the frock.

The Adrenaline Dress making its way down the runway. Photo source: Chromat

Designed for incorporation into wearable devices spanning a number of applications, including health and wellbeing, social networking and fitness, Intel’s Curie is about the size of a button. It features a 32-bit Intel Quark microcontroller, motion sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, integrated digital signal processing sensor hub and pattern-matching technology, Bluetooth Low Energy, 384 kB of Flash memory and 80 kB of RAM. The module hasn’t started shipping, but some companies, such as Chromat, have had a chance to try it out.

An up close shot of the adjustable vents on the sports bra. Photo source: GizMag

Chromat showcased the Aeros Sports Bra and Adrenaline Dress at its Spring/Summer 2016 runway show at MADE Fashion Week.

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