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New Vector Smartwatches Marry Elegance With Function

Photo source: Vector Watch

Boasting a truly elegant look paired with high-tech functionality, Vector’s new line of smartwatches will appeal to style mavens and geeks alike. Available in both sporty and classic designs, the devices offer most of the typical smartwatch features, along with an astounding 30 days of battery life.

Photo source: Vector Watch

Designs include a casual-style watch with a matte black case, round or square face and silicon strap, and a watch with a more traditional, high-end feel available in three versions: one with a champagne-gold case and black crocodile leather strap, another with a rose-gold case, also with a black crocodile leather strap, and the last with a rose-gold case with a custom stainless-steel, five-link gold-colored bracelet. All the watch faces are black.

Photo source: Gentleman’s Journal

While each Vector watch’s most notable feature is its sheer good looks, it’s no slouch in the technology department. Wearers can customize the watch with a number of dial options and alerts from its companion smartphone app, accessible via Bluetooth and compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. These include the ability to display such information on the side of the watch face as time zones, a calorie counter and stock market data. The watch will sync to the user’s calendar and email as well, displaying new email messages and calendar alerts across the screen with an accompanying vibration. It also offers an activity tracker, gauging steps taken, calories burned and sleeping patterns.

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