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Sony Wena Wrist Smartwatch Looks Great, Makes Payments

Photo source: Wena

Apple may have more hipster cache than Sony, but the stalwart electronics manufacturer has devised a smartwatch that looks less like a bulky digital gadget, and more like a typical watch. Its new Sony Wena Wrist smartwatch packs all its advanced features into the wristband, not the face casing. The result is a look that even the cool kids would wear.

Photo source: Wena

The stainless-steel watch sports a chain-style strap, with an analog-style face. Perhaps its most intriguing feature is its ability to function as an electronic wallet. Employing radio frequency identification, it allows users to pay for something securely by holding the watch over a retail point-of-sale terminal. It also comes with a step and calorie tracker, which works with an associated iOS app, along with a notification feature.

Sony expects to ship the first models of the watch in March 2016.

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