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Lycos Issues New Life Band Fitness Tracker

Photo source: Lycos

Lycos, best known as a 1990s search-engine purveyor, is back with a new wearable device, the discreet Lycos Life Band. While it may not end up on the wrists of the most die-hard fashionistas, it could help them stay in couture-ready shape, offering a number of useful fitness-tracking features.

The small band, available in black, white, light blue, dark blue, red and orange, features an OLED display with light blue text over a black background. Currently in beta mode, the band connects via Bluetooth to a companion app for Android and iOS smartphones. It gauges fitness goals, along with such stats as steps, distance traveled, time spent active and calories burned. It also monitors heart rate and sleep, and comes with a vibrating alarm. Security features include the ability to unlock one’s phone without a password.

Photo source: PCMag

Though the Lycos Life Band boasts some handy functions, in a review of the device, Timothy Torres of PCMag indicates it isn’t quite market ready yet. The vertical display, he notes, makes reading the device awkward, and users must tap the screen each time they want to activate it. Although Lycos has an iOS app for the device, Torres said it doesn’t seem functional, and that he couldn’t connect it with an Apple phone. He also had difficulty maintaining a connection between the band and the Android app on his phone.

Photo source: Lycos

Torres did offer a thumbs up to the device’s long battery life—approximately 10 to 14 days, depending on usage—along with its ability to survive up to 30 minutes underwater. Overall, however, he says it might be best to wait for the next, less buggy iteration of this wearable.

For more information, see the full article here.
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