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ReVault Smartwatch Stores Data On The Cuff

Photo source: ReVault

Unlike some of its competitors, the ReVault smartwatch boasts more than just good looks and the features typical to such devices. With its ability to store data on the go, it stands to up the ante for functionality in wearables.

With ReVault, users can store and access their files from any device running on an Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows platform, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop. There is no cost to transfer the data, and as it is coming from a local network, it is secure. Wearers upload the files to the ReVault via WiFi or Bluetooth. An Internet connection is not required. An accompanying app for the smartwatch offers full control of one’s files, and any connected devices. ReVault also allows users to back up files automatically, and synchronize that data across various devices.

The timepiece is also quite fetching, featuring a square-shaped, silver-colored case with a choice of 12 different faces, all featuring elegant bold tones on a sharp black background. Face options include digital or analog clocks or depictions of cloud data, along with hybrid styles. A stainless steel tapered or mesh band, as well as a leather strap, is available for the watch. The device ships with a chain converter, for those who prefer to wear it around their necks, or stash it in their pockets.

Photo source: ReVault

Production on the ReVault smartwatch is expected to begin in December.

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