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Roar for Good: A Wearable That Can Prevent Assault

Photo source: Roar for Good

Not only does Roar for Good, a new women’s wearable, add flair to an outfit or handbag—it can also prevent assault. The clip-on device, worn as a necklace or attached to a belt, shirt or bra strap, features a button a woman can press if she finds herself in an unsafe or threatening situation. This triggers an alarm and a series of flashing lights, along with an alert to a list of emergency contacts.

Using Google Maps API, the Roar for Good smartphone app can also estimate a trip’s duration, and will send a text to the wearer’s list of emergency contacts if she does not get to her destination within a certain time frame. An optional feature permits a friend or loved one to track the wearer’s route. Users can also enter warnings for others who also have the app, helping them steer clear of unsavory spots, such as a street or corner where men are known to harass women.

Founder Yasmine Mustafa. Photo source: Philly

Yasmine Mustafa, the CEO and co-founder of Roar for Good, created the wearable after two men began following her near her home one night, attempting to start a conversation. That incident, along with a tour through South America, where she spoke with several rape victims, made her think there had to be a better way for women to protect themselves. After speaking with more than a 1,000 potential customers, she also discovered women wanted something more discreet, fashionable and easy to transport than a taser, mace or pepper spray.

A render of the Roar and its accompanying app. Photo source: Philly

Ultimately, she arrived at a circular black wearable that resembles a mod-style brooch. Its alarm and light work without a phone connection, so that if a woman is in distress, she just needs to push a button on the device, though she’ll require her smartphone to reach someone. If her phone dies, however, the device can connect with anyone else using the Roar for Good app.

Beyond the wearable, Roar for Good is also partnering with youth organizations to educate young men and women about empathy, respect and consent, and plans to donate some of the proceeds it makes from the device to non-profits working to prevent violence against women. Crowdfunding for the device is planned for later this summer.

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