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Montblanc e-Strap Adds Digital Smarts to Classic Watch

Photo source: Vancouver Sun

Timepiece connoisseurs seeking a ticker combining the look of a traditional mechanical watch with smart-watch features may have found the ideal compromise in the Montblanc e-Strap. An option for the brand’s TimeWalker Urban Speed watch, the e-Strap fits under the wrist, allowing users to access smart-phone functions while still wearing a classic watch.

Less than 10mm thick, the device features a low-key black monochromatic OLED screen that can display incoming-call notifications, emails, text messages, social media status updates, reminders of upcoming meetings or events and fitness-tracking information. Wearers can also employ the e-Strap to snap photos or play, pause and skip music on their smartphones. With the Find-Me feature, users can tap the unit to find misplaced phones. The module, which comes with a smartphone app, is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Photo source: A Blog to Watch

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