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Kimbow: a Dress That Changes Color to Convey Women’s Emotions

Photo source: Eef Lubbers

Fashion technology designers Eef Lubbers and Malou Beemer have created a garment that reacts to the movement of the wearer and changes shade according to their posture. The interactive dress, Kimbow, aims to enhance the user’s body language, in hopes of building their confidence.

Kimbow is made from a color-changing textile, which incorporates tech components in the back of the dress. When the wearer stands in akimbo - with their hands on their hips and their elbow facing outward - it modifies the programmable thread, causing the color change to a more bright, striking shade.

The creation of the Kimbow begs the question if the same technology can be used to help individuals who struggle to communicate their emotions – such as autistic individuals.

For more information, see the full article here.

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