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Moff Band Encourages Children’s Imagination

Moff band
Photo source: Wearable

The Moff Band is the world’s first wearable smart toy, which empowers young children to use their imagination through movement. The Moff Band is powered by a cloud-based motion and position recognition system that analyzes the users real time behaviors and patterns. The wearable encourages kids to be imaginative and active through sounds and games.

Made from silicone rubber and plastic housing, the Moff Band is available in orange, pink and blue. Although the band weighs just 0.16 lbs, the PCBCoin (CR2032) battery is incorporated within the band. Further, over 30 realistic sounds are included in the free Moff app, including air drums and guitar, ninja swords, baseball, cooking and much more! Tailored for children of ages 5+, parental controls allow individual sounds to be hidden.

Moff band

Photo source: förderland

Created by Moff, a Tokyo-based startup, the band launched on Kickstarter and reached it’s funding goal within 48 hours. The Moff Band can be purchased on Amazon for $54.99.

For more information, see Moff’s website here.

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