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Huawei Releases Early Details of Honor Band Zero Smartwatch

Photo source: Huawei

Fans of Huawei’s Honor line of products (who also happen to be in China) are going to be pleased to hear that Huawei has released early information about the Honor Band Zero smartwatch.

According to Huawei’s initial tweet, the Honor Band Zero is a smartwatch with a minimalist design. GSM Arena confirmed that the Honor Band Zero features a circular touch screen display, which can show calls and message notifications, with a brushed metal bezel running along the outside. The smartwatch will also be dust and water resistant.

In addition to providing notifications on its display, the smartwatch can act as a pedometer and sleep tracker. Battery information, retail price, and even OS information are unavailable at this time.

The Band Zero will be available in China in August, with international release dates to be announced. At launch, the watch will be available in three different band colors: Black, Beige, and White.

Photo source: CNet

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