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The doppel, a Wearable that Can Change How You Feel

Photo source: Team Turquoise

A team of designers, engineers and scientists from the Innovation Design Engineering MSc/MA from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art came together to design the doppel, a wearable that works to relax users on demand.

The device uses the human response to rhythm such as a person’s breathing and heart rate, but instead of playing music it pulsates on the wrist. Users set the pace of the device’s rhythm in order to be more focused in a work meeting, pick up their pace while going for a run, or slow things down when unwinding after a long and stressful day.

Photo source: Team Turquoise

The doppel has no screen and makes no sound; the accompanying app allows wearers to have their own natural rhythms read. The app asks for the wearer’s resting heart rate, and the user can set various presets in order to trigger certain moods and states.

The doppel in action. Photo source: Team Turquoise

The device comes in four color options, has a 16mm watch band that can easily be swapped out, has a battery life of 5-10 hours (depending on use), and comes with a micro USB charger. The Kickstarter campaign is currently underway, with first shipments expected to go out April 2016.

For more information, please read the full article here.

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