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Lotta Julkunen and Flair, a Wearable Enhancing the Body

Photo source: Lotta Julkunen

Flair is a new kind of wearable technology. Instead of connecting to smartphone or providing notification alerts, Flair takes advantage of the largest organ of the human body (the skin) and heightens its ability to perceive the world around it.

Flair uses whisker-like projections on clothes to enhance tactile information about the wearer’s body movement. As the wearer moves (dances or walks around or otherwise exists normally in the world) the antennae-like Flair bend and vibrate, sending feedback to the wearer via their own skin and senses about their relative location in space.

Photo source: Lotta Julkunen

In this video, you can see a dancer testing out the Flair and discussing how the wearable helps teach muscle-specific movements (in this case, a jump) and helps time and understand one’s body more fully.

Flair is the final project of Lotta Julkunen, a Master of Arts student at the Royal College of Art.

Photo source: Lotta Julkunen

For more information, please see Julkunen’s project write-up here.

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