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Tago Arc Bracelet Lets Users Switch Designs

Photosource: L!iber8tech

Tago Arc, a new smart bracelet created by L!ber8 Technology, takes the guesswork out of matching jewelry to an outfit, allowing wearers to transform its look completely by switching designs on its e-ink screen. Users can create or pick a design via a downloaded Tago app on an NFC-enabled Android phone.

Photosource: L!iber8tech

Once the wearer creates or chooses a design, he or she can transfer the image by holding the phone on the bracelet until the process completes. While it currently takes about 15 seconds to complete the transfer, L!ber8 Technology is working to speed up the process. The bracelet doesn’t require batteries, as it absorbs the power it needs from a smartphone’s NFC during image transfer.

Although the bracelet isn’t yet available, it’s already seeing strong interest among consumers. L!ber8 Technology has exceeded its fundraising goal of $40,000 for it on Indiegogo, and expects to ship the first units to backers in December.

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