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Altrius: Smart Jewelry Solving Alert Anxiety

Photo source: Be Kovert

Kovert Designs, a London-based company, introduces Altrius, a smart jewelry product that is trying to encourage wearers to unplug.

Altrius connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Using the Kovert Designs app, the owner prioritizes notifications. When these notifications come through, the gem vibrates. The smart stone, made of zirconia ceramics, has a circuit board, a rechargeable battery, and vibration motor. The device can be worn as a necklace, ring, or bracelet. The battery is advertised as lasting two to three weeks – a claim which real-world field testing seems to support!

Photo source: Wareable

The most impressive aspect of the Altrius, however, is its design commitment. The stone comes in black or white, and can be slipped into necklaces, rings, and bracelets made of gold, rose gold, or platinum plating over silver. There are over 18 different jewelry and setting combinations to choose from, all in a range of prices. Accessories are modular, meaning the wearer can switch out how the Altrius looks by simply moving the stone from one piece to another.

The ring is roughly on par, size and weight-wise, with traditional costume jewelry offerings. Kate Unsworth, Kovert Designs’ CEO, has said in the past that she’d be happy for customers to buy Altruis for its style statement and discover its tech credentials later on.

Photo source: Be Kovert

In short, the Altrius is smart, simple, and elegant. It looks more like jewelry than tech, and comes in a range of settings and styles to suit just about any consumer. It is a high-end item, both in look and price, and delivers on its core functionality.

The Altrius is currently for iOS only.

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