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Rebecca Minkoff Bracelets Charge Phones, Stash Cables

Photo source: Rebecca Minkoff

It-girl fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff is getting into the wearables game with two elegant, high-tech bracelets, the Notification Bracelet and Lightning Cable Bracelet. The Notification Bracelet vibrates whenever the wearer is receiving an important call or text, while the Lightning Cable Bracelet comes with a gold clasp perfect for discreetly stashing USB connectors.

Photo source: Rebecca Minkoff

Boasting tiny, delicate diamond studs, the gold chain-link Notification Bracelet pairs via Bluetooth with an iPhone to generate the call or text alerts, and can program up to 25 contacts. The Lightning Cable Bracelet, a black number embellished with the understated gold rectangular stud for which Minkoff is known, also converts into a USB connector for charging and synching iPhones.

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