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Introducing the Soundbrenner Pulse – A Wearable Device for Musicians

Photo source: Soundbrenner

One company is bringing wearable technology to the music industry in the form of a device that musicians can wear to replace the need for a metronome. Called the Soundbrenner Pulse, this wearable wristband literally enables musicians to feel the desired beat on their skin.

Soundbrenner is a company that was founded in the middle of a vibrant music scene in Berlin. Therefore, they know quite a lot about a musician’s instinct. Deceptive, yet styled like the old-fashioned metronome, the Soundbrenner Pulse plays a steady, pre-defined tempo. However, unlike the metronome, the Soundbrenner Pulse transmits a vibration to the wearer that makes the wearable suitable for a noisy concert or a jam session in the practice room.

Design-wise, the Soundbrenner Pulse looks like a fitness tracker, yet its sleek black exterior makes it a staple fashion accessory for the recording studio or a simple music gathering with friends. Inside the Soundbrenner Pulse, though, is a high-performance vibration motor that delivers haptic feedback up to six times stronger than vibrational alerts commonly used in today’s smartphones, smartwatches and smart jewelry.

What’s so great about this product is that the Soundbrenner Pulse is more than just a vibrating wearable with a timeless function. Since it’s also Bluetooth-enabled, the world’s first metronome wearable can be paired with smartphones, tablets and Macs to provide wearers with multi-player synchronization and the ability to develop advanced rhythms. One of the best potential uses for the Soundbrenner Pulse is for an entire band of musicians to wear the device during a live performance in order to ensure they all play in time perfectly. Soundbrenner is thereby eradicating the universal challenge of rhythm one product at a time, ultimately making room for better music.

Photo source: PSFK

The Soundbrenner Pulse product kit contains two black bands, one short and another long, and comes ready with a charging station and the mobile app. Priced at $99.00, you can preorder your Soundbrenner Pulse on the company’s website, with delivery scheduled to begin sometime in December.

For a detailed look at the Soundbrenner Pulse, read the full article here.

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