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The Neyya Ring Doubles as a Gadget Controller

Photo source: Mashable

Smart rings are rapidly changing the nature of the fashion tech world, but have primarily been used for alerts and contactless payment in 2015. However, Neyya, a new wearable device developed in India and San Francisco, seeks to enter the gadget control arena.

Photo source: Wareable

The stainless steel smart ring comes in titanium and gold-plated models, and is attached to a black polycarbonate ‘stone’ surface which functions as a touchpad. Since the wearable incorporates a multitude of functions, its larger size makes the ring more of a statement piece.

The ring contains the usual smart features, including vibrations for incoming calls, messages and reminders. Most notably, the device also allows a user to tap and swipe across the surface with their thumb to control synced devices. Since Neyya is compatible with iOS, OS X, Windows 8.1, Roku smart TV boxes and GoPro cameras, the options for gadget control are almost limitless. From switching songs on your smartphone to remote controlling a presentation from your wrist, there are many ways you can use the device to stay hands free.

Photo source: Mashable

Neyya is available in three different sizes – small, medium and large. As a point of reference, the smallest model has a diameter of 18.9mm and height of 28.2mm. It’s reportedly good for three days of use, or ten days of standby.

The Neyya smart ring retails for £129 for the titanium model and £159 for the 18k gold-plated ring. It is available for purchase online or at stores including Amazon, Bloomingdales and Selfridges.

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