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The Bold Motion - HP’s Latest Fashionable Smartwatch

HP Bold Motion
Photo source: Engadget

The harmonization of tech and fashion companies is usually a success, as they are able to create a product that has the best of the two worlds. With this in mind, HP partnered with watchmaker Movado to launch their newest fashionable smartwatch, the Bold Motion.

Disguised as a regular watch, the device incorporates typical smartwatch features such as email, calendar, and social media notifications, as well as activity tracking. Although the Bold Motion does not have a touch screen display, it instead syncs to your smartphone through an app to send notifications. The wearable can be paired with both Android and iOS devices.

HP Bold Motion

Photo source:

HP developed the hardware and software modules, in addition to the user interface. The company is also offering HP cloud services for all the brand’s smartwatches.

The Bold Motion can be purchased on for $695.

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