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The Dive Bar Ring Lets You Keep Your Smartphone Away

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Christina Mercando takes fashionable hardware to another level with the launch of her new wearable. Ringly provides followers a taste of the Libra Collection with it’s “Dive Bar” ring, a device that allows women to put aside their phones, while still receiving incoming notifications via lights and vibrations. According to Ms. Mercando, “We want you to focus on the moment in your life that you would want to enjoy without having to keep your phone out.” All of the names of the rings (“Daydream”, “Stargaze”) reiterate the same notion.

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Marrying high-tech innovation with high fashion, the rings are comprised of semi-precious stones set in a gunmetal base, giving them a distinctive edge. Each of the stones are hand cut, making the final finish of each ring produced slightly different. Ms. Mercando explained that no two stones ever look exactly the same. The Ringly team suggests that the battery life can last up to 24 to 48 hours without recharge.

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The Ringly App sends Bluetooth messages to the ring, which is paired with 80 other applications. Of the various apps and functions, the major social networks, WhatsApp, text messages and emails appear to be the most popular.

In the near future, Ringly hopes to enter into a partnership with MasterCard to upgrade their wearable rings into credit cards for the finger.

The new line is available in sizes 5 - 9, and will reportedly retail for $195.

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