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Cut Cravings and Break Bad Habits with the Pavlok

Photo source: Pavlok

Looking to break bad habits and reduce cravings? The Pavlok band is just what you need.

According to their website, “Pavlok’s safe electric stimulus trains habits and changes behavior.” The Pavlok enables the user to break bad habits with the simple press of a button. Some of the negative behaviors the band claims to affect include wasting time online, biting nails, mindless eating, smoking, eating fast food and oversleeping. The device vibrates, beeps and releases an electric stimulus that ranges from pleasant to aversive to prevent the user from giving in to their weaknesses.


Photo source: Pavlok

The Pavlok team has a goal of breaking 5 million bad habits within the next 5 years, and encourages customers to share their success stories on the product’s website. In fact, they are so confident in the band that they offer a 30 day “100% Money Back” guarantee.

The Pavlok is priced at $199 and is available for shipping in November.

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