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Worldbeing – Tracking Your Carbon Footprint in Real Time

Photo source: Co.Exist

Benjamin Hubert, founder of the London-based studio, Layer, just introduced his new wearable, Worldbeing. The Worldbeing wearable prototype tracks one’s carbon footprint in real time. The device develops a “carbon cloud” to conceptualize the user’s daily footprint. Based on that history, a connected app generates a daily target for a user to meet. If the individual fulfills their goals, they will be able to earn points from low-carbon businesses.

In order to pull the most accurate data into the app, the designers partnered with Carbon Trust, an organization that specializes in carbon footprints. The app uses Carbon Trust’s database to consolidate a carbon footprint. Additionally, the wristband doubles as a mechanism to make purchases. The system also uses Google Maps to track the user’s footprint as they drive, and extracts data from energy and water bills to track usage at home. Apps such as My Fitness Pal can be connected to monitor food intake.

Photo source: Co.Exist

The device is made from recycled e-waste, and a low-power e-ink display acts as a signal to other consumers about the users commitment to monitoring their carbon footprint.

Currently, the Worldbeing exists only as a prototype, but the company is running a Thunderclap Campaign to gauge interest in hopes of going to investors. The company hopes the products will surface in the market in 2017.

For more information, see the full article here.

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