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5 Tips for Protecting your Smart Jewelry

Photo source: Ringly

Learn helpful tips on how to keep your smart jewelry safe and protect it from damage, loss, and theft.

Give it a Home
Always store wearables and smart jewelry in the same place so you can quickly find them on the fly. Designating a home for your devices —  bedside drawers, a jewelry box, or even a small dish atop a dresser — means you’ll always know where they are and you’ll instantly notice if they’ve gone missing.

Keep it Personal
That Emerald Ringly you just shelled out $260 for?  It would go perfectly with your best friend’s date night dress. (Or so she says.) As wearables and smart jewelry get more fashion-forward, the chances that a friend or family member is going to want to borrow them increases.  Be careful when lending out wearables and make sure you communicate their value so the borrower knows what’s at stake.

Watch out for Water
Water resistant is not the same as waterproof. It can be easy to forget you’re wearing smart jewelry — after all, when it’s designed well, it becomes a seamless part of your lifestyle and wardrobe. Remember to remove any non-waterproof devices before showering or hitting the pool, or invest in something that can handle the H20, like a Misfit Speedo Shine.

Photo source: Misfit

Don’t Flaunt It
Yes, we know your Apple Watch Edition is totally awesome and you’re dying to show it off. Try to play it cool and keep the flaunting under wraps, especially in public places like trains, major shopping areas, and packed streets, where thieves lurk and can easily slip back into the crowd undetected — with your precious watch in tow.

Get Insurance
The only way to really breathe easy and know that you’re keeping your wearables safe is to invest in insurance, the same way you would for an engagement ring or family heirloom.  Companies like Jewelers Mutual provide both repair and replacement coverage, so the high cost of replacing your wearable is one less thing to worry about.

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