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The Shine 2 – Misfit’s Updated Fitness Tracker

Photo source: WT VOX

Misfit recently announced their upgraded Fitness Tracker, the Shine 2.

Similar to its predecessor, the new Shine can monitor steps, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep activity. The update includes the addition of a vibrating monitor that acts as a wake-up alarm and alerts for notifications. The distinguishing factor for this wearable is that it does not need to be charged, and can last up to 4-6 months on a disposable battery. In comparison, other wearables that incorporate a vibrating monitor need to be charged on a regular basis. The Shine 2 now also has a 3-axis magnetometer for more accurate activity reading.

Photo source: Fortune

Available in black or rose gold, the fitness tracker also doubles as a smart home controller, as it allows users to operate smart home devices and services. For example, the customer can simply tap the watch face to pause their music player. As an additional bonus, the Shine 2 is compatible with Logitech’s Harmony Home Hub, which lets you control your smart home’s lights and locks.

Available in retail stores in November, the Shine 2 retails at $100 and can be purchased on

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