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Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch Blends Style With Function

Photo source: GearBeast

Zeblaze is rolling out a new smartwatch, the Zeblaze Crystal, which it claims is the world’s first crystal smartwatch. Featuring 16 functions, including a heart rate monitor and pedometer, and the ability to push calls and texts from an Android or iOS smart phone, the wearable’s jewel-like appearance could be a hit among style-minded consumers.

Crafted with a 1.54-inch, 240- x 240-pixel curved LCD touch screen, the waterproof Zeblaze Crystal offers several gorgeous faces, including one resembling a green-tinted water drop against a black background, and another depicting a dramatic splash of purple in the center. Besides the heart rate monitor and pedometer, the watch can track sleep, issue an alert if the wearer is getting too sedentary, check the weather, take remote photos on a smart phone and record voices, among other functions. It connects with smart phones via Bluetooth.

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