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Polyera Introduces Wove, A Flexible Display Band

Photo source: Wareable

Employing a patented fabric technology, Polyera has developed Wove, a flexible display device that could play a role in fashionable wearable technology of the future.

Photo source: Wove

Wove incorporates Polyera’s proprietary Flexible Thin-Film Transistors, which give the band its functionality while also allowing for flexibility without damaging the electronics. The active-matrix display of the band, which Polyera will make commercially available in 2016, can display weather updates, news headlines and emails with a tap on the screen. In an effort to add more functions and features to the device, Polyera is currently looking into a variety of flexible OLED displays, sensors and logic circuits.

While Wove isn’t the most stylish device, wearable-technology makers could run with its basic design to craft more aesthetically pleasing, bendable products, such as a digital handbag strap or pattern-changing bracelets.

For more information, see the full article here.

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