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Ashley Chloe Helix Cuff Cleverly Disguises Headphones

Photo source: Ashley Chloe

Nothing cramps a fashionista’s style like an unsightly tangle of headphone cords, which is why the smart-device accessories outfit Ashley Chloe is launching the Helix Cuff, a sleek wristband that organizes and stashes a minuscule, high-sound-quality headset compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Resembling a close-fitting wraparound bracelet, the unisex Helix Cuff’s looping design allows users to wrap the headset cord around it and into a slight groove circling the wearable. The ear buds themselves, connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth, are small enough to fit inconspicuously into the cuff, avoiding extra bulk.

The Helix’s hidden earbuds. Photo source: Ashley Chloe

The cuff is available in black or white with a champagne gold or silver aluminum embellishment that disguises where the headphones and a wireless signal receiver are hidden. A bright red cuff with an 18K-gold embellishment is also an option.

Photo source: Ashley Chloe

For more information, see the full article here.


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