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EON Reality and Richline Taking VR to the Next Level

Photo source: Next Galaxy Corp

EON Reality, Inc., is working with Richline and Next Galaxy Corporation to bring virtual reality out of gaming and into the jewelry industry. The three are working together on an app that brings a virtual reality experience showcasing Richline’s wearable jewelry collection.

Mary Spiro, founder and President of Next Galaxy Corp., hopes to expand virtual reality technology beyond its current confines in gaming, applying it to education, industry, social networking, and a host of other fields. In addition to Next Galaxy Corp.’s work with Richline, they are working with EON Reality to develop a virtual reality-centric social network called CEEK, to connect other virtual reality enthusiasts in a unique, interesting way.

To see a taste of the Richline virtual tour from JCK Las Vegas 2015, please watch the video below:

For more information about the partnership, please click here for the full article.

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