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Asus Zenwatch 2 is Sleek, Stylish, and Smarter than Ever

Photo source: Asus

Asus has pulled out all the design stops for its Zenwatch 2 in order to better compete with smartwatch makers like Apple, LG, and Huawei.

The Asus watch is customizable, with 18 different options to choose from, multiple straps (including one studded with Swarovski crystals!), three casing options, and two face sizes. This gives the watch versatility, ranging from extremely high end all the way to everyday casual. Indeed, the high end options (rose gold casing, gold mesh wrist strap) could make this smartwatch a natural pairing for men’s or women’s evening wear, differentiating it from much of its competition on looks alone.

Photo source: Asus

For any wearable, battery life is a concern. The Asus Zenwatch 2 has a pretty standard battery life on par with its competition. The first iteration of the Zenwatch used a USB cable for charging; that has been abandoned in favor of a more travel-friendly magnetic charging cable. Moreover, the slightly larger model includes an extra battery, which can be charged along with the primary battery simultaneously.

Popular Zenwatch features have been enhanced in this model. The Remote Camera app (allowing a user to work their smartphone camera remotely via watch) is more powerful, faster, and has the option of switching between the front and back cameras.

There are 50 different watch faces out of the box, with options to customize one’s own if desired.

There’s a power button that gives the watch an elegant, classic look, but its functions are limited to turning on and off the watch face, in contrast to the digital crown of the Apple Watch.

Asus has really brought out the big guns. When the Zenwatch 2 drops in Fall 2015, we’ll see how it measures up against the competition.

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