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Air Quality on the Go: TZOA Wearable “Enviro-Tracker”

Photo source: TZOA

For those who spend a significant amount of time outdoors – from wilderness explorers and scouts, to pro athletes and fitness buffs alike – air quality is an ever-present concern. Pollution and smog yield long-lasting health effects, including respiratory problems. Not to mention those with asthma and pollen allergies need to know – accurately! – what the air is like. No matter how much one watches the news, it’s hard to tell exactly how clean the air is.

The TZOA air quality wearable can help solve this problem. It puts environmental air data in the palm of the wearer’s hand. The environmental tracker monitors several different environmental variables (air quality, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, ambient light and UV exposure) and transmits that information to a paired app on a smartphone.

Photo source: TZOA

TZOA uses internal sensors to track your environment throughout the day, providing you with real-time information, city-wide mapping, and a daily review. According to the TZOA website, this wearable device can help users know when indoor air quality is harmful, when they’ve reached the limits of healthy UV exposure from the sun, where the cleanest cycling, running, or walking routes are, and what the optimal light levels are for better sleep (and waking). These recommendations hopefully improve the wearer’s quality of life.

In addition, the app provides users with a daily digest recounting his or her exposure to environmental variables, informing the wearer about how their daily routines impact their exposure to harmful environments.

Photo source: TZOA

The TZOA is currently wrapping up an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for R&D and prototyping. The first run of wearables is expected to ship in early 2016.

For more information, read the full article here.

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