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Bitcoin Engagement Ring Lets Your Phone be the Jeweler

Photo source: The BTC Ring

The BTC ring is a 3D printed ring with a QR code in lieu of a stone setting. When scanned by a corresponding app, the QR code reveals the value of the ring in units of the digital currency.

The physical ring has no value of its own beyond sentimental value, and it’s easily replaced if lost or damaged – one simply needs to print a new one! Moreover, the ring’s worth can be adjusted over time in the case of the wearer’s circumstances changing. Last but not least, the ring could potentially be reprinted in different styles as fashions change.

“Until you look up the value of your btcring bitcoin address, you are not going to know the meaning of love,” the BTC Ring website boasts. In this way, love can truly be blind.

For the full write up about the wearable, please see the original article here.

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