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Tech Tattoos Can Oversee Your Health and Location

Tech tattoo
Photo source: RT

Ben Lamm, CEO of start-up Chaotic Moon, seeks to devise a vast array of applications for their tattoo technology. Their prototype, currently referred to as “Tech Tats,” is a temporary tattoo that incorporates electronic components such as a microcontroller and LED lights.

The tattoo can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and stress levels by detecting data on sweat, heart rate and hydration level. The information is then transmitted through their electro conductive paint and is uploaded via Bluetooth or through apps such as Jott and Firechat.

Lamm believes that there are some great potential benefits to the tech tattoo, including a tool for the military to monitor soldiers’ condition and location, a tracker to track one’s child in a crowded space and a device to pay for purchases. Chaotic Moon is currently in talks with strategic partners, one of whom Lamm hopes will bring this concept to market.

For more information, see the full article here.

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