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Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch Defines Luxury Tech

Photo source: Frédérique Constant

Ladies and gentlemen of the manor seeking high-tech functionality in a classic luxury timepiece will welcome Frédérique Constant’s Horological Smartwatch. Combining up-market European charm with Silicon Valley features, the watch tracks sleeping patterns, running and walking activity.

Photo source: Frédérique Constant

The Horological Smartwatch retains a traditional analog look, with the diamond-cut primary hands counting down hours and minutes in Roman numerals. A smaller subdial located at the 6-o’clock position displays the tracking activity via Arabic digits. Based on the MMT smartwatch platform, the watch offers bidirectional communication with accompanying Android and iPhone apps, but can also work on its own, with sensors. The timepiece comes in five varieties, including units with leather and metal straps, with both black and white faces. Its battery lasts up to 25 months.

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