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RXACTIVE Crafts Calorie-Burning Workout Wear

Photo source: Tech Crunch

With the help of RXACTIVE, a new line of active wear with built-in resistance, consumers can get fit for any fashion, from skinny jeans to tight Ts. The brainchild of a team of NYU medical students, doctors, designers and Olympic athletes, the clothing helps wearers increase muscle movement and caloric burn during workouts.

First in the line is a pair of exercise pants, available in grey or black. Stitched into the fabric are special panels, made of power mesh and strong elastic bands, which create resistance by counteracting specific muscle groups when the wearer is active. This increases the amount of work the body must do, similar to what a pair of ankle weights would accomplish, but without the added bulk. According to RXACTIVE’s creators, because of this, donning the garment provides the benefit of a 30-minute workout after just 20 minutes of exercise. Also, because the panels only offer resistance against the rotation of a limb around a joint, increasing torque, there is no added strain on the joints.

Photo source: Indiegogo

As for the rest of the fabric, it’s constructed from a sleek material that is lightweight and moisture wicking, offering a secure fit while keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. It’s machine washable, and features anti-microbial properties. Testing of RXACTIVE at New York University’s Langone Medical Center indicates that training with it increases muscle activity by 23 percent, and burns up to 14 percent of extra calories.

Photo source: Physiclo

If RXACTIVE’s Indiegogo page is any indicator, the product has hit its mark. As of this writing, the company has raised more than $100,000 to fund the clothing, far exceeding its $30,000 goal. It plans to start production on RXACTIVE in October, with aims to ship the first units in November.

For more information, see the full article here.

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