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SAFER: the Smart Necklace that Keeps You Safe and Connected

Photo source: Leaf Wearables

Leaf Wearables, an Indian start-up comprised of students from IIT Delhi and Delhi Technological University just received $250,000 in seed funding. The funding will be used towards producing their newest innovation, SAFER, a smart safety wearable device that triggers an alarm and sends signals to pre-identified phone numbers in the event of an emergency. If the user presses their SAFER twice, an alert with the location will be sent to their respective guardians.

The device comes in the form of a necklace and is tailored primarily for the female consumer. In terms of aesthetics, SAFER is visually pleasing. The pendant’s stone is made of diamond-cut sparkling iridescent crystals, and comes in blue, green and black. Its chain and casing is stainless steel, and the steel is easily customizable to every size since it consists of 350 individual links.

The wearable has an impressive 7-day battery life and comes with a rechargeable micro USB. The device itself has a diameter of 38mm and height of 12mm.


Photo source: Leaf Wearables

A notable feature of SAFER’s app is SaferWalk, which enables the user to plug in their starting point and destination if they feel the route is unsafe. The users’ pre-designated individuals can monitor the map and virtually accompany them until the user has reached their desired destination, from which point live tracking can be disabled. Company Co-Founder, Manik Mehta claims, “We hope to reach the masses and contribute towards the safety of women.”

For more information, see the full article here, or visit Leaf Wearables website.

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