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Wearable Tech Weekly Roundup

Mio Global
Photo source: BetaKit

Welcome to Wearable Style News’ weekly roundup, where we’ll be covering news in the industry you may have missed. While we were all lagging this past Monday morning (Too. Much. Turkey.), wearable technology is showing no signs of slowing down.

A wearable vest could save your life

While it’s certainly lacking in the looks department, the ZOLL Life Vest more than makes up for it with function. Designed for patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest, the vest is worn underneath people’s clothing and essentially acts a defibrillator in the case of an emergency by delivering a shock that restores normal heart rhythm. (Source: Click2Houston)

Zoll Life Vest

Photo source: MedCity News

Mio Global is coming to India

Mio Global, the company behind health and fitness trackers such as the Mio Fuse, Alpha 2 and Link, are bringing their wearable bands to the Indian market. Through an exclusive partnership with Amazon, consumers in India will be able to purchase the company’s products starting at Rs 6,599 (approx. $98 USD). (Source: Economic Times)

Potential next big thing: wearables made from chewed gum

Most people consider chewed gum disgusting, especially when it manages to get stuck to the bottom of your shoe. However, new research shows that gum chewed for 30 minutes - washed with ethanol and combined with carbon nanotubes - creates a flexible material that could be used to track breathing. This is an exciting discovery, since metal sensors can stop working if twisted too much, and plastic sensors aren’t sensitive enough for accurate measurements. (Source: Time)

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