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Rocket House Productions Creates Fashion Tech Garments

Rocket House Productions
Photo source: adafruit

Rocket House Productions teamed up with Intel to create a collection (Éōs - Dawn and Nyx – Night) that captures a celestial story. According to Zoe Klintberg, the co-owner of the production company, “I decided to design two pieces that connected and complemented each other, but represented two sides of the same personality, one that was dark elegant and mysterious, and another that was light fun and bold. I decided to use Éōs, the goddess of Dawn, as inspiration for the dress, and Nyx, the goddess of the night, for the cloak.”

The two garments use an Intel Edison board and a Teensy. The Éōs dress encompasses 900 RGB LEDs which respond to Open Weather Map data. A sun pendant made from copper is illuminated with amber LEDs and hangs from the front of the dress. The thick leather belt has a unique detail and is transcribed with Greek phrases from The Odyssey.

The Nyx cape boasts 20 accurate constellations by using 16 LEDs connected to fiber optic stars. The most notable feature of the cape is that it is powered by the dress using a magnetic connector in addition to connectors for the power and data. Staying true to its name, the cape also comes with a pendant that uses white LEDS to mimic the moon.

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