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Q&A with Sima Hovanesian, owner of Liberty I. Exchange and creator of GlamFit

Photo source: GlamFit Jewelry

Fine jewelry makers since 1978, Liberty I. Exchange has created a new line of fitness trackers that are big on style while keeping the tech simple. Featuring sterling silver, 14k gold plating, and precious and semi-precious gemstones, the bracelet, necklace, and pendant trackers monitor activity, exercise, and sleep quality using hidden VeryFit technology. Wearable Style News recently chatted with owner and creator Sima Hovanesian about the new line.

Wearable Style News: Tell us what GlamFit is and what makes it special.

Sima Hovanesian: GlamFit is a fine jewelry activity tracker. It’s for the everyday woman who wants to make sure that everything she does counts as part of her routine. So the shopping, lunching, working — everything counts. Someone like me, who doesn’t have time to do an hour of aerobics, can see that at the end of the day she’s spent the same amount of energy, and it makes her feel good and gives her that boost of motivation to reach her step goals every day and do a little better the next day. It inspires you to park your car a bit further, take the stairs, or even go on a long stroll during your lunch break. It is all about making small, positive changes to your daily routine that give you that extra boost of energy and motivation, and it doesn’t hurt to look good while you’re doing it! That’s where GlamFit comes in, because it’s beautiful and gives your outfit that extra sparkle. The best thing about GlamFit is that it’s fine jewelry with technology that’s simple to use. To me, that’s best of both worlds! I can wear my GlamFit anywhere, and I’ll always feel beautiful and conscious of my health choices.

Wearable Style News: What is the GlamFit customer like?

Sima Hovanesian: GlamFit is for all women! What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Our customers know that one beautiful piece can transform an entire wardrobe. For example, my personal favorite is the Madison - our sterling silver bracelet with genuine black onyx gemstones. I get compliments everywhere I go. Yet, you wouldn’t think that this piece is also tracking my steps, distance, calories burned, as well as helping me reach my sleep goals. Women who have nonstop schedules don’t always have the time to go to the gym, but if they spend the day running around, they might take more steps than on a treadmill! GlamFit is there to keep her going, motivated, and well of course, glamorous. 

You can’t even tell the technology is in there.

The Very Fit technology is disguised in each GlamFit piece seamlessly and stylishly. The app tracks all your stats, like your date of birth, weight, and most importantly sets your daily goals. Anytime I want to check my progress, I just click on the app and it syncs and shows me how many steps I’ve taken. I have set my goal for 10,000 steps and although that might seem like a lot, it truly motivates me to move more and reach my goal for the day. It will also show me a graph of my weekly activity and I can see how I am progressing each day - it keeps me accountable.

Or you can choose to walk home instead of taking the subway.

 That’s the whole idea. It’s all about making small changes to your daily routine that will lead to small wins with a greater impact. I love that GlamFit doesn’t only make you look beautiful, it makes you feel beautiful, too. I don’t always have time to go for a run or sign up for boot camp, but ever since I began wearing my GlamFit I’m making healthier choices. It’s all about simple, small strides that lead to the best outcomes.

There’s some status in wearing a Fitbit that says, “I am a Fitbit person. I am tech-forward.”

 Fitbit has become a brand, but the look is not for everyone. We’re offering something different – fine jewelry – and the VeryFit app that we use is simple and works well for the woman who wants to wear jewelry and track her fitness at the same time. GlamFit will become a brand one day.

Is the technology interchangeable from piece to piece?

You cannot wear two devices together. If you wear a GlamFit necklace, you wouldn’t have a GlamFit bracelet. Two technology inserts would wreak havoc with the Bluetooth and they would intercept each other. We are trying to develop something interchangeable, but it’s not going to be simple. In the meantime, if you have a necklace, we do have a matching bracelet and matching earrings without the trackers. And some of our necklaces and bracelets have multiple colors for the VeryFit piece.

You offer a few different style options. Is there a form that seems to make more sense?

 Every woman has her unique style and for that we offer a variety of designs, from traditional to modern to trendy. Some women might prefer a necklace to a bracelet. They work the same, whether on your arm or around your neck. GlamFit is tailored to you so whether you’re rocking one of our necklaces or bracelets, you’ll get accurate results.

Talk a little bit about pricing. If you made that $800 bracelet with gold and diamonds, the actual incremental cost of the technology is very small, right?

Well, first of all, GlamFit jewelry incorporates precious stones, but not gold or diamonds – so we’re in the average $200 range. GlamFit jewelry is mostly silver and some are gold-plated, and we use onyx, amethyst, topaz and other genuine stones in some of the pieces. As for the technology, it actually does have a high cost.

Part of the challenge is educating the market. First they have to like the jewelry, which is a finicky market, and then they have to want the jewelry and the technology. Have you built an education program for that? 

We are in the process of that right now actually, and it will be launching within the coming months. We will be exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, January 6-9! Wearable technology is still new, so as consumers become more familiar with this technology we’ll be able to grow with our customers and customize our pieces to meet their needs.

How does all this fit with the fine jewelry cycle?

The great thing about the “fine jewelry cycle” is that we maintain the historical integrity of fine jewelry while simultaneously staying current with today’s technology. It’s always important to grow with society and this is our way of coloring a bit outside the lines, exploring new territories and pushing boundaries.

The beauty of the product makes it harder to forget about — that must help with motivation.

Absolutely! I love wearing my GlamFit and I also enjoy switching it up to match my outfits. Each piece will track my steps and keep me motivated. Yesterday I was wearing the black onyx Madison bracelet with a classic black dress. I was reminded of my health goals while eyeing the chocolate cake … and I didn’t give in to temptation – thanks to my GlamFit. Today, I’m wearing my Zoe bangle, which is a bit more causal yet sophisticated. It has its own unique style to match my outfit, while serving as a reminder to make healthy choices. And I definitely feel glamorous!


Photo source: GlamFit Jewelry

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